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I believe this banner is Canada Strong. To show that us young ladies that are competing are not only competing for the crown but also for our country. That we will work together as one and the lucky woman who will win will represent our country with pride and respect. To keep her head high and never look down on anyone, to treat everyone equally no matter who they are.

I am Canada Strong!

Love xoxo

Written by: Jade
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As Miss Teenage South Western, my favourite place to visit in my region would be Pine Coulee Campground! I grew up there, camping there every weekend we could. It was also hard to find a good spot out there because it such a popular place to camp, but I live 20 minutes from there so my family and I would get up super early to get a spot there! The fishing there is incredible, every cast you will get a walleye and that is a promise! But only if you have the correct bait and if your rod is set up right.
Pine Coulee to all of us in the region is so important, especially that it is only 20 minutes away, if it is a hot summer day then we can all go for a beach day. If it is a cold winter day we can go ice skating on the lake! There is so many adventures that are out there! It is so special to me because when I go out there I see younger me in all the campsites and remember what I was doing. I can see how happy of a little girl I was and I am glad to have such an amazing childhood there! Pine Coulee is my second home and I recommend going there for the weekend, nice open land to play in and a sandy beach to have a beach day on!
“Quantity over quality. Caught 101 walleye, all in the 14-17″ range, in 4.5 hrs this morning from my float tube. 15 fow using jig and 1/2 minnow. It was wild and monotonous. ” a review was posted online about Pine Coulee which is true! You will catch hundreds of fish throughout the day! You will have an unbelievable experience and you will come back!!


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First day of fishing season today!!! Caught over 30 fish each with Dad and I. Fishing is one of my getaways, I get out of school at 12 pm everyday and have not a lot to do except my pageant  duties and school work. Between those times we go fishing, just a good time for some friendly competition between Dad and I. When you almost lose someone you automatically spend more time with them right? I do that with everyone, almost losing my Dad really opened my eyes to know that not everyone will be here forever… so enjoy the moments you have. I love you guys, I love all my friends, I love everyone… life isn’t long enough for hate.


Short and sweet today!

I love you my supporters <3

Written by: Jade
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Everyone has a getaway, a getaway to the better life. To get away from reality and relax, it may be the beach, watching movies all day, or shopping!! My getaway is camping, to sit around the campfire, go for walks to the lake, and most definitely fishing!!

This weekend I went camping for the weekend with my family, family friends and my other half <3 I woke up bright and early Saturday morning (Always wake up early some reason when camping!!) and I took my dog Summer for a walk to the lake. It was so peaceful in the morning, so quiet and the lake was so calm, so relaxing. I love water, I always wanted to live in water, to be a mermaid and swim! When you jump into water it’s just you and the water and you just float! So peaceful, just you and the water <3 The water is just so pretty and so relaxing to look at, the waves and the cool little fish swimming by or even chairs you find at the bottom !!! Yes I saw chairs!!!

Summer Paradise

During the summer’s my family and I usually go camping for 2 weeks somewhere, but this year I am going to Costa Rica for my Grad trip and Toronto for Miss Teenage Canada!!!! I’ve never been on a plane before so I’ve never been anywhere tropical so maybe Costa Rica will be my new summer paradise? Camping will always be my home though <3 I am kinda sad I won’t be camping for 2 weeks this year but it is time to make a change and expand my horizons <3

Love you all <3


Written by: Jade
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pain is temporary

I always believed in this quote. To show that the pain you go through and face everyday will be worth it. This quote I always thought of when I would be working out, to the point of giving up but I know if I make this change now then it will be easier later. This quote can be taken and used in any circumstance, just like a bad day at school… keep going and keep working hard for that diploma because few years from now having that diploma will help you set up your career and start your life. To never give up on something you want, because if you give up now then it is harder on you. Just like the quote “Most people take their greatness, take their ideas, to the graveyard with them.” “The wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard.” I love these two quotes because it’s true, people are too scared to do what they believe in because of judgement or people won’t be on your side. My challenge for you is to never give up and always pursue your dreams no matter what people say! Here is some motivational videos I put on repeat every morning and night at 6 am and 6 pm to keep me striving for my goal!

Seriously, these motivational videos made me run faster than I have ever before but, they also made me drop to my knees crying because I didn’t think I could do it anymore. That is what you have to overcome and remember what you are doing and why!




Written by: Jade


My Platform for Miss Teenage Canada is Diabetes!! I know it is not a common topic to pursue but I have had a personal experience with Diabetes in my life, not me but my Dad. My Dad had a massive heart attack in 2010 while we were on our 2 week vacation. My Dad was having chest pains, numb shoulder, and a sore jaw, of course we never thought it would be a heart attack!! So on the way back from vacation my Mom made my Dad stop at the Fernie hospital to just get checked out, finding out he is having a massive heart attack and Stars was on their way. “Why can’t he take a ambulance?” My Mom asks. “He won’t make it.” Replied the Doctor. To just think that if we didn’t stop at the hospital then we all could’ve died in a car accident or something… He flew to Foothills Hospital which took him a whole 40 minutes. My family and I drove hours to go see him and as soon as we got there… he was fine… it looked like nothing ever even happened to him. He went through surgery and everything!! It was a crazy horrible experience.

My Dad also had a heart attack twice on our living room couch, I was 13, November 19th 2012. The second time was January 12th 2016, 17 years old. It’s crazy to see your father almost die right in front of you. Last September my Dad’s doctor told us that if he had one more heart attack then he would absolutely not survive it. Guess what… he did! I saved my Dad’s life twice by calling 911, he called me his hero… to think I’m my own Dad’s hero is amazing because he is the man I have always looked up too!!!

This is why Diabetes is so important to me, because I don’t want anybody to go through that pain. I want to teach people on how to take care of themselves and to show them the damages that can happen if the people don’t. My Dad has suffered many heart attacks and lost part of his foot from Diabetes. We can stop this if we help each other!!<3

Thank you

See you!!

Jade  🙂

Written by: Jade

Everyday I get up and go to school just like any regular teenager, go to school until noon and come home! Since I have a short day of school of only two classes then I have a lot of extra time, except when I work and have events!

I have an older brother and an older sister, my brother Justin is 5 years older than me and my sister Jessie is 7 years older than me! We are quite an age difference but I would say especially my sister and I have gotten closer from going down to Lethbridge and seeing her all the time! My lovely parents are cute little love birds who have been married I believe 28 years now, and they still act like they just got married. I hope I have that kind of love when I’m married <3 I also have 2 dogs, a German shepherd/Golden Retriever (Summer), and a little Pomeranian/Chihuahua (Daisy). Daisy was supposed to be my dog but she apparently likes my Dad more so she’s more his dog! I also have a cuuuuuuutteeee kitty cat named Cola, he’s a Ragdoll, super cute! We also had a cat named Pepsi, so that’s why we named Cola, Cola! It was really funny too because Pepsi and Cola didn’t like each other so it fit right in!

After Highschool I plan to move down to Lethbridge and live with my sister Jessie, and pursue my passion of Make up! I am going to school for Make up Artistry, either in Calgary, or maybe in Vancouver!!!! Haven’t decided, any advice for which school I should go to would be so awesome and appreciated! I plan to become a huge Make Up Artist, planning to do make up for my lovely Pageant girls and continue in the pageant industry. Angeline told me I should do everyone’s make up at the competition because she said It was soooo good!!! Thank you so much Ang <3

Make up1

Until next time,

Jade <3

Written by: Jade

Hey everyone, welcome to my Miss Teenage South Western page!!!!

Opening number


When I was younger I always wanted to be a princess just like probably every other little girl in this entire world! Then when I got older I watched the movie Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock as she was a undercover competing for Miss USA! The crown really got my attention!! The girls dancing, having fun, being on stage center of attention just sounded awesome and I’ve always wanted to perform on stage and to be role model for some little girl. Now I am a princess, more like a Queen and I am a role model for many little girls as I was a teachers assistant for a semester at school! For the little ones to run up and hug me every time they see me is just so fulfilling and rewarding, I am glad I pursued my dream!

My journey started March 2015 when I entered the Miss Teenage Alberta pageant with my best friend Paige! I was new to this and we both had no idea what to do or to expect. On Day 1 learning how to walk, talk, and dance for the pageant, prejudging and our interview! The prejudging for the swimsuit is always fun, to strut my stuff in front of the judges to show how confident and beautiful I am! The interview is always the worst part in my opinion, sitting there waiting for your turn to go in and the nerves are just getting to you!! Sadly, the 2015 pageant I didn’t place and it really hurt me to believe I wasn’t good enough. It took me to my lowest point in my life, but it showed me not to give up. It taught me to pick myself up and keep going, to practice all year round and I will succeed in whatever I want! My confidence went through the roof the past year, I started walking with shoulders back and my chin up to just give off the confidence look, and it eventually was just who I was! This February 22nd I placed 2nd runner up as Miss Teenage South Western Alberta!! That proves that hard work does pay off!

Michelle told us all before the pageant that all the opportunities that can come from this, told us that she lost more pageants than she won but when she won, it was worth all the hard work of losing! I can also admit that, the whole year of practicing was worth it! I am so happy and I know my parents are proud of me for not giving up my dreams! I couldn’t have done this without one of my huge supporters, Angeline! She is the owner of Bells and Bows in Lethbridge. I came to her for a new evening gown for this year, oh she definitely gave me an evening gown!!! Angeline has a huge selection for dresses for any occasion, Bridal, Pageants, Grad and top model! She took a look at me and immediately took a dress off the front mannequin and put me in it right away! It was beautiful, the most gorgeous dress I have ever laid my eyes on. I walked around the corner to show my family and friends… all their jaws dropped and couldn’t believe how amazing it looked on me and how “this dress was made for you”, of course I bought it!! I also recently bought my graduation/preliminary dress from her!! Angeline gave me the biggest confidence boost ever, she put me in the most beautiful dresses, to make those dresses look beautiful I had to put my shoulders back and my chin up! Seriously I have never felt so beautiful ever, to be on stage in my gorgeous dress while everyone is watching me! Best. Feeling. EVER!!

I am so proud to be from such an amazing community of Nanton, Alberta. It is a very small town that barely anybody knows of! The people here are so supportive, they have sponsored me so much! Everyone keeps telling me to remember them when I become big and famous, I love them so much. My boss told me to bring my crown and sash to work so she could take me out to find sponsors!! It’s amazing how wonderful and helpful people are! I have had an amazing time at PBR Lethbridge, Bells and Bows Bridal show and doing hot dog stands! I can’t wait for all of you to tag along on my journey!

Thank you!


Written by: Jade
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