As Miss Teenage South Western, my favourite place to visit in my region would be Pine Coulee Campground! I grew up there, camping there every weekend we could. It was also hard to find a good spot out there because it such a popular place to camp, but I live 20 minutes from there so my family and I would get up super early to get a spot there! The fishing there is incredible, every cast you will get a walleye and that is a promise! But only if you have the correct bait and if your rod is set up right.
Pine Coulee to all of us in the region is so important, especially that it is only 20 minutes away, if it is a hot summer day then we can all go for a beach day. If it is a cold winter day we can go ice skating on the lake! There is so many adventures that are out there! It is so special to me because when I go out there I see younger me in all the campsites and remember what I was doing. I can see how happy of a little girl I was and I am glad to have such an amazing childhood there! Pine Coulee is my second home and I recommend going there for the weekend, nice open land to play in and a sandy beach to have a beach day on!
“Quantity over quality. Caught 101 walleye, all in the 14-17″ range, in 4.5 hrs this morning from my float tube. 15 fow using jig and 1/2 minnow. It was wild and monotonous. ” a review was posted online about Pine Coulee which is true! You will catch hundreds of fish throughout the day! You will have an unbelievable experience and you will come back!!


Written by: Jade

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