Everyone has a getaway, a getaway to the better life. To get away from reality and relax, it may be the beach, watching movies all day, or shopping!! My getaway is camping, to sit around the campfire, go for walks to the lake, and most definitely fishing!!

This weekend I went camping for the weekend with my family, family friends and my other half <3 I woke up bright and early Saturday morning (Always wake up early some reason when camping!!) and I took my dog Summer for a walk to the lake. It was so peaceful in the morning, so quiet and the lake was so calm, so relaxing. I love water, I always wanted to live in water, to be a mermaid and swim! When you jump into water it’s just you and the water and you just float! So peaceful, just you and the water <3 The water is just so pretty and so relaxing to look at, the waves and the cool little fish swimming by or even chairs you find at the bottom !!! Yes I saw chairs!!!

Summer Paradise

During the summer’s my family and I usually go camping for 2 weeks somewhere, but this year I am going to Costa Rica for my Grad trip and Toronto for Miss Teenage Canada!!!! I’ve never been on a plane before so I’ve never been anywhere tropical so maybe Costa Rica will be my new summer paradise? Camping will always be my home though <3 I am kinda sad I won’t be camping for 2 weeks this year but it is time to make a change and expand my horizons <3

Love you all <3


Written by: Jade

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